AWS Cloud Developer Training Institute

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Installing Python with Virtual Enviroment
  • Installing Python Packages with Pip
  • Python Basics & Syntax
  • Data Structures in Python
  • Conditional Statements in Python
  • Loop Statements in Python
  • Quizes

  • List and Dict Comprehensions in Python
  • Functions & Classes in Python
  • I/O with Basic Files in Python
  • Errors & Eceptions Handlings in Python
  • Important and Useful Code Snippets in Python
  • Python Assignment

  • Cloud Services Foundation
  • Benefits of Cloud Services
  • Design Efficient, Cost Effective & Fault Tolerant Cloud Services
  • Importance of Security in Cloud
  • Identity and Access Manager Overview
  • IAM Users, Groups, Roles, Policies
  • Best Practices for IAM
  • Quizes

  • Introduction to Different EC2 Types
  • Launch & Connect Different EC2 Instances
  • Amazon Machine Images (AMI) Overview
  • Create and Manage AWS AMI’s
  • Introduction to Elastic IP
  • Use of Elastic IP’s
  • Quizes

  • What is Elastic Load Balancing
  • Explore AWS Auto Scaling
  • Overview of Amazon EBS
  • Overview of Elastic Container Services
  • Basics of Networking in Cloud
  • Explore Amazon Route 53 Service
  • Best Practices for EC2
  • Quizes

  • Introduction to Simple Storage Services (S3)
  • Manage S3 Buckets
  • Buckets Version Control and Lifecycle
  • Import Export with S3
  • Deploy Static Websites with S3
  • S3 with CloudFront and CDN’s
  • S3 Security and Encryption
  • Quizes

  • Query S3 Content with Athena Database
  • Create Athena Tables with AWS Glue
  • Manage Athena Partitions
  • Best Practices for S3
  • Quizes

  • Overview of Amazon Databases
  • Introduction to Amazon RDS (MySQL, Aurora)
  • CRUD operations with RDS Database
  • Introduction to Amazon NoSQL DynamoDB
  • CRUD operations with DynamoDB
  • How to Choose Correct Database
  • Best Practices for Amazon Databases
  • Quizes

  • Cloud Messaging Queues and Containers
  • Explore Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Explore Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Explore Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • Use Cases and Best Practices of Queues and Containers
  • Quizes

  • Overview of CI/CD Pipelines
  • Select Appropriate Deployment Strategies
  • Explore Automated Testing Pipelines
  • Create Pipelines for Development and Production
  • Quizes

  • Introduction to Serverless Services
  • Understand AWS Lambda Functions for Serverless Applications
  • Main Components of Serverless Applications
  • Build Rest API’s using API Gateway
  • Bind API’s with Serverless Lambda Functions
  • Secure API’s with Authentications
  • Quizes

  • Use DynamoDB with Serverless Lambda Functions
  • Event Processing with Serverless Functions
  • Best Practices for Serverless Applications
  • Introduction to AWS CloudFormation
  • Overview of AWS Troubleshooting
  • Understand AWS CloudWatch, CloudTrail Services
  • Schedule Jobs on AWS Cloud
  • AWS Command Line Interface

  • What is Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Introduction to IoT Services on AWS
  • Understand AWS IoT Core and IoT Device Registry
  • Understand AWS IoT Rules and Device Shadows
  • Understand IoT Application Layer Protocols, API and Libraries (MQTT and HTTP)
  • Overview of AWS Greengrass
  • Overview of AWS IoT Analytics

  • Configure Kinesis Firehose Stream for Real-Time Data Transfer
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi Board
  • Install and Configure Raspberry Pi with Linux
  • Python Programming on Raspberry Pi
  • Connect Raspberry Pi with AWS IoT to receive Sensor Data
  • Setup Device Notifications for Sensor Data
  • Use Cases and Best Practices of AWS IoT

What Else Includes

4X Learning

In addition to the course curriculum get a hands on experience on must have tools and best practices.

  • GIT Version Control
  • CI / CD Pipelines
  • Docker Containerisation
  • AWS Infrastructure


Get mentored and coached with guest sessions by global industry leaders at every step. Get a chance to be part of

  • Entrerpreneurship Skill Sessions
  • Business Process Discussions
  • Exciting Meetups and Events

Project Experience

Get a chance to work with live projects with real clients. Get hands on experience while working on complex client requirements.

  • Solve Complex Client Problems
  • Work with Experienced Teams
  • Get 1 - 1 Technical Assistance

Why We Are Different

  • Course content designed by industry experts.
  • Classes conducted by real-world experienced instructors.
  • Technical mentorship and career guidance services at every step.
  • Corporate training programs on live projects with real clients.
  • Guest lectures organized by international specialized domain experts.
  • Respectful cultural learning with professional corporate environment.
  • Continuous tracking of performance and progress by mentors.

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